PG for girl students

A place away from home in itself is quite peculiar to dwell in. But what is more challenging is to leave behind the homely comfort food. That’s why we search for a PG that gives a little homely feeling. Staying away from it is pretty hard indeed, but a PG is something that keeps you the closest to home.

However, choosing the right PG and securing it for yourself is pretty exhausting. You often feel like you are missing out on one or the other thing, especially when you are hunting for a Girl’s PG. You need to check for some extra stuff as well. PG for girl students in Delhi are abundant but not each one of them is safe and comfortable enough. 

You’ll find thousands of online platforms out there. But what sets us apart is the insights you get to book your PG near the Delhi University. What you need to look for and how to narrow onto your search is what PGDelhi is aiming for. This Blog will focus on what you need to do before you click the book button on your smart screen. 

Don’t Hit The “Only Budget-Friendly” Button.

We completely agree with you for thinking that budgeting is essential. However, have you heard the proverb:

“Mehnga Roye Ek Baar, Sasta Roye Baar Baar!” (Expensive will make you cry once, but cheap will make you cry over and over!)

It applies to the PGs as well. When you are about to hit your college in the North Campus in Delhi, you must be thinking of choosing a PG at a lower price for the starters. And then you might think of shifting to an amenity-loaded, safe, and more comfortable PG. 

We would recommend you not to do that. Many PGs may be cheap, but they seriously hamper the living quality. Let’s not talk about the safety measures.

Check other parameters of the girls PG near North Campus in Delhi that you are planning to get. 

Don’t Fall for the Internet Pictures.

You’re looking for a PG, not window-shopping, my friend! Schedule a call with the landlor if you are going offline with the hunt. Or Contact the online portal and make a visit to the PG you are planning to get.

When I was moving out to the big city for my college, I used to watch the pictures day in and night out only to get disappointed with the actual PG I got. Therefore, the moral of the story is to go out there and check the PG for yourself.

If you live far away from the place, call the person concerned and convey the date you’ll be available for the visit. That way, they will know that you are genuinely interested and reserve a room for you. I think you are going to visit the college for the formalities so why not check out a girl’s PG near North Campus in Delhi then.

Don’t Get Overexcited And Forget the PG Agreement.

Serious Stuff Alert! 

The PG Agreement is a serious matter to take into account. Please don’t go overboard with the PG and forget to get the agreement, as it contains information for the security deposits, code of conduct, monthly rent, and much more.

While you are signing the agreement with the landlord, check the terms and conditions and don’t forget to ask:

  • How will the security deposit be adjusted if I leave the PG mid-way?
  • What are the terms for the loss or damage of the PG property?
  • How much time will you take to refund my security deposit after the tenure?
  • Will it be credited in its entirety, or are there any adjustments with the monthly rent?

Do read the agreement for the clauses/terms of the PG accommodation you are going to stay at. 

Don’t Stay At A Too Isolated Place.

Understandably, you don’t want the hustle-bustle of the street. Despite that, staying at a PG that is not in connectivity will be a significant problem for you. Choose a place that has the availability of public transport for your daily conveyance. 

You might get a PG in your budget, but the daily conveyance will pull much more of your pocket money than that. Thus, get a better check for the other aspects of your accommodation too.

When you are getting a girls PG in Delhi, try to get a place in GTB Nagar or Vijay Nagar, for instance. They provide massive connectivity to the colleges on the North Campus.

Too Much Restriction Will Spoil the High Spirits

It is Saturday Night, and you & your friends are hitting the nightlife of Delhi. But wait a minute, please don’t tell me your landlord has time restrictions for you. Damn it!

Don’t let your Saturday Plans go to the trash bin. You deserve some time off of your everyday studies too. It’s college, my friend! 

Your checklist must have a PG that is not too strict with time. Select the one that suits your regular timings and is flexible with the timings so that you don’t have to panic when the clock hits 6 p.m.

Let us know what you have in your mind for the PG you will soon be staying in for your college. And don’t forget to check us out PG for Girl Students in Delhi.